Studies and Reports


  1. "Shubhodaya", An endeavor for the flood affected families in North Karnataka 2009-2013, (2014) a photo feature showcasing the advocacy actions post 2009 Karnataka flood, towards the realisation of the rights and entitlements of the Dalit excluded survivors, National Dalit Watch and Human Rights Forum for Dalit Liberation- Karnataka (view as book under Two page view option)
  2. Equality in Aid: Addressing Caste Discrimination in Humanitarian Response, September 2013 (A study commissioned by IDSN released on 28 January. This briefing is based on the comprehensive desk study by the National Dalit Watch in 2012) 
  3. IMPACT OF CLIMATE CHANGE ON LIFE & LIVELIHOOD OF DALITS: An exploratory study from disaster risk reduction lens, December 2013 (a joint study by Society for Promotion of Wastelands Development and National Dalit Watch released on 20 December) 
  4. Stigmatization of Dalits in Access to Water and Sanitation in India (Research Paper)
  5. Privatization and Its impact on Access to Water Resources (Paper)
  6. A Preliminary Assessment of Caste Discrimination in Cyclone Thane in Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry by NDW-NCDHR
  7. The uncertainties of through waters of dejection (Yamuna floods, Delhi, 2010)
  8. Exclusion of Dalits in Flood Rehabilitation, Bijapir district, Karnataka, 2009 (By HRFDL-K and NDW)
  9. The Excluded in Relief and Rehabilitation, 2009-10 floods, Andhra Pradesh (By Dalit Watch-AP and NDW)
  10. Status of implementation of the Calamity Relief Fund in SC villages of Dhakuakhana block of Lakhimpur district (Assam) during flood and Post flood-2008/09 (By RVC Assam and NDW)
  11. The Affected and the Relief and Rehabilitation-Status report on Bihar Flood 2007 (By Dalit Watch-Bihar and NDW)
  12. For a Morsel of Life! ...Bihar Relief Camps report, 2008 (By Dalit Watch Bihar and NDW)
  13. Making things Worse: How Caste-Blindness in an Indian Post Tsunami recovery has exacerbated vulnerability and exclusion(2007)


  1. INCLUSIVE VULNERABILITY MAPPING and MONITORING OF POST DISASTER RESPONSE (IVM and MPDR): A Process to ensure Dalit and Gender Inclusion, December 2013 (A joint initiative of: National Dalit Watch-National Campaign on Dalit Human Rights (SWADHIKAR) & UNNATI, released on 28 January along with Equality in Aid report) 
  2. The world we want to see: perspectives on post-2015: Christian Aid report- Sept 2013 (Pg 20, No Development without eliminating caste based discrimination) 
  3. Dalit movements and the Political economy of biodiversity conservation (Paper presented at CoP side event on "Ensuring Inclusion of Biodiversity-dependent communities in all preparedness, adaptation and Mitigation measures", report linked below)
  4. “Ensuring inclusion of Biodiversity-dependent communities in all Preparedness, Adaptation and Mitigation measures”
  5. “Sharing Traditional Knowledge of Social Minorities on Biodiversity and Ecological Sustainability: In Search of an equity-based eco-development”
  6. Addressing Caste Discrimination in Humanitarian Aid: Draft General Framework for International Humanitarian Stakeholders
  7. National Consultation: Addressing Caste Based Discrimination in Disaster Response, 14-15 December 2011
  8. NDW Interventions- Compendium-October 20'09-March 2011 
  9. National Consultation on 'Exclusion of Dalits in Disaster Risk Reduction-Effective Civil Society Monitoring', Delhi, June 2010 (with Statements for Inclusion)